Vienna Celtic Socials (Formerly Celtic Old Boys)

The Celtic Socials is a group of "used to be" rugby players (many former Celtic XV players) who every now and then still get together to have a game of rugby, mostly against touring sides from all over the world. Formerly being over 35 was the only qualifying rule to become a member, however theories exist that the 3rd half of every game was the real test, the group also organises so called "social tours" to play against other teams worlwide.


Celtic Socials Ireland Tour 2008

Today inorder to adapt to modern society we have done away with the over 35 rule and accept any players who don't have the time to play in one of the Austrian leagues but still want to be a part of the rugby scene, having a game now and then as well. The Celtic Socials is also a good place for expads coming into Vienna to carry on playing rugby while still having time for families, jobs etc...


If you're intrested in joining the "Celtic Socials" then please click here, fill in the form and we will make sure to email you our schedules and see to it that a get together is organised where you can meet the rest of the crowd.


If You have a look at our Historic Gallery you will find pictures of many of the "Celtic Socials" in their prime.